An open letter to health professionals.

As a video producer I travel the world to document good news stories. In the past 21 years I have visited Africa four times, India thirteen times and Israel five times.  I am always thrilled to find how one person, or one couple,  has had the passion and drive to make a real difference.

In Uganda I visited the first Watoto village in 1997 and produced a video with Gary Skinner as he outlined his dream of building 20 villages, each with 20 houses and each housing 8 orphans, together with a house mother.  The plan was to supply these orphans with education right up to trade school and university. I had the privilege of going back in 2013 to find this dream had become a reality.    See

National Geographic had an article which stated Jamkhed, in southern India, probably had the best village health program, in the world.  This intrigued me and I spent a week there.  I found the story more than true.  A man and wife team of doctors had gone to Jamkhed determined to make a real difference in this extremely poverty stricken and arid area. My visit to Jamkhed was forty years later.  They had achieved their goal.  There had been transformation in Jamkhed and in 300 surrounding villages.  Through very innovative water management the desert had become an orchard, dozens of industries were thriving, thousands of village health workers, from all over the world, had been trained (there were 5 Canadians in training during my visit).   One of the secrets was a very unique type of government in each village.  The work is now being carried on by their son and daughter.  What a legacy! See

In 2005 I met Malsawm Dawng Liana, known as Dawnga, in Mizoram, NE India.  Dawnga had lost his father to malaria several years before.  He had had to quit university to look after his mom, who was also suffering from malaria.  For the next three years Dawnga got a city doctor to conduct malaria clinics in his village of Darzo and a couple surrounding villages.   The next year this doctor was transferred and no other doctor was found to continue these clinics.  That year 9 people from Darzo died from malaria.  Dawnga said, “We have to do something different.”  He brought a teenage boy, from this village, to a city hospital. In three days, the lad learned how to use a microscope to diagnose malaria.  He was given a microscope and malaria medicine.  No one has died from malaria, in the village, since.

Nearby villages heard of this and over the next three years Dawnga helped 4 more villages establish these simple clinics, named ZoClinics.  This interested his church and they hired Dawnga to establish more village clinics and to teach sustainable farming throughout southern Mizoram.  When I met Dawnga there were 25 ZoClinics operating.  I was impressed and promised to raise money to extend this excellent work.  By 2013 almost 100 villages had ZoClincs and we formed a society to fight malaria and to improve agriculture world-wide.  My grandson and I visited five African countries, establishing a network.  Over the next two years we financed the equipment and training for 75 ZoClinics in Africa.  See and google ZoClinics.

While promoting ZoClinics at a mission conference I met two missionaries; one from Africa and one from Indonesia, who told me of a plant, Artemisia A3.   They found that tea from this plant cured the symptoms of malaria within three days.  The one from Indonesia told me that she had been suffering from what the doctors considered terminal cancer.  She got malaria and drank artemisia tea.  Not only was the malaria cured, but also the cancer!

Our research on Artemisia A3 lead us to Dr. Hans-Martin Hirt, the founder of Anamed in Germany.  Dr. Hirt had spent six years in the Congo using western science to test traditional healing methods. Since then he has trained over 7000 people in 70 countries on natural healing and has authored a number of books on the subject.  When Dr. Hirt heard of Artemisia A3 he began to experiment with it. He found it was not only the most powerful cure for malaria, but also an effective treatment for other diseases, including AIDS and cancer. See   Google Artemisia A3

Dr. Hirt’s work has prompted our society to concentrate on Artemisia A3 in an attempt to eradicate malaria and to make a real difference to those suffering of both cancer and AIDS.  Mizoram is now conducting a large scale experiment with which they hope will virtually eradicate malaria and greatly reduce cancer and AIDS, within the next 15 months. 

While malaria is not a problem in Vancouver, cancer and AIDS are.  We have developed a simple, inexpensive and repeatable 10 day experiment, for 10 people suffering from cancer and 10 from AIDS.   Reports from Africa and Germany suggest 6 or 7 of the cancer patients will find cancer markers lowered, some very significantly and some more moderately.  All of the AIDS patients should have higher white cell counts, also should experience weight gain and generally be in better health.

As I write this I am trying to find local doctors who will conduct this experiment.  You can do this same.  If it is true it could save much suffering and the savings of millions of dollars in health costs.  Patients can grow their own medicines!

Literally hundreds of thousands of people have been treated with Artemisia A3 with no serious side effects.  Do you agree this seems a worthwhile experiment?  If this experiment seems the right thing to try contact me and I will send you much more information. 

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